100% pure wool

Read about the advantages of wool...

  • Meet The Artisan

    You can see who made your shoes
    The people behind the signatures are  here!

  • Lightweight and durable

    When you wear them every day,
    they must be durable.
    Wool is one of the strongest fibers...

  • 100% sustainable wool

    Collected locally, washed in organic soap
    containing lanolin.
    Natures own organic ”clothes”.

  • Self cleansing

    Every wool fiber is covered in natural lanolin.
    The perfect protection against rain, dirt and odor.

  • Best in bare feet

    Wool will regulate the temperature of your feet.
    It will absorb a lot of moisture, and the natural
    lanolin will help prevent bad odors.

  • Easy to maintain

    Should your shoes get dirty, you can vacuum them.
    Or, simply wash them!

Certified Fair Trade

As part of being certified Fair Trade, Betterfelt pays a fair wage and provides a good working environment. 

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Danish design Handmade in Nepal

All our products have a timeless design and are handmade by talented artisans in Nepal.

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Meet the artisan who made your product

When you receive your product(s) from Betterfelt, you will find a stitch 
or set of stitches on it. This pattern is our artisan's personal signature 
that allows you to see who made your product:
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